Beaver Creek Ranch (Grantsburg, WI)




We here at the co-op have been working with Doug and Kathy Anderson of Beaver Creek Ranch for nearly 13 years.  We love them (and their animals) immensely and couldn’t do what we do without them.  Nevertheless, Doug (formerly a prison guard at San Quentin) turns 81 this Thanksgiving.  He still raises grass-fed Highland beef on certified-organic pasture, but he has been distributing organically-raised pork, chicken, and turkey for farmer friends of his for some years.  Nik, the co-op’s meat buyer, knows that Doug won’t be around forever.  We have no intention of ditching Beaver Creek Ranch (we will still be selling their grass-fed beef hotdogs, Doug’s super-dooper-top-secret-extraordinarily-delicious Mexican-style Chorizo Sausage, and THE Chicken Breasts–our store’s best-selling product!), but we do have to start weening ourselves off of Doug, who has guaranteed us that he will die or retire one of these years, and that Kathy has no interest in two full-time jobs.


Understanding that life goes on, we can proudly say that Just Local Food now carries three excellent turkey options from Kadejan Market (Glenwood, Minnesota), chief purveyor of our whole holiday turkeys.  We have worked with the folks at Kadejan for several years now, and have been impressed with their dedication to quality and animal welfare.  Kadejan Market buys from family farmers in central Minnesota who raise birds on pasture without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.  Within the next year, all poultry will be free of GMO feed, too–a decision which will reduce fossil energy consumption and soil and water pollution.  You might also be pleased to know that Kadejan Market offers very fair pricing: $3.99/pound for bone-in/skin-on Turkey Thigh; $6.99/pound for Ground Turkey; $8.99/pound for boneless/skinless Turkey Breast.


Stop in and try something new, or stick with your familiar favorites.  Send questions, comments, or direct bulk meat orders to Nik at  Thank you!