Board of Directors Elections have begun!

In the past weeks we’ve sent requests for applicants for our Board of Directors. We are thankful to have such an involved and willing group of people to work with, and now the time to vote has come! Owners of JLF are able to vote for their preferred candidates during Board of Directors Elections. The Board of Directors represents our owners and guides us into the future, so be sure to make your voice heard. Please read through all of the candidate statements. This will help you get to you know the candidates and make a more informed decision. You can vote by clicking the link below. If you prefer to vote in-store, ballots will be made available. One vote per owner number, please.
Your final chance to vote will be at our Annual Meeting, May 14th held at the Brewing Projekt at 5:30pm. You will hear each candidate speak briefly about their experience and candidate statements. Elections close at the end of the Annual Meeting, and results will be made available shortly after.

Click here to view Candidate Statements.

Click here to cast your vote.