Expanding the Morning Horizon: Home Cooked Breakfasts Using Local Foods, by D. Norstedt (Owner #204)

Just Local Food has knock-out breakfast ingredients:  Bacon from Deutsch Family Farms and other suppliers; sometimes pork jowls; eggs; One Love Bread; and cheese. Just last week I managed to think a little deeper about breakfast and had a “Eureka” experience when I added the Lambalot gyros strips to my repertoire. Now I am eyeing the recently- added fermented vegetables.

My most standard at-home breakfast is a one-egg omelet with sautéed small tomatoes and cheese. The cheese I choose is a hard one and I grate it. Asiago is good with eggs – it has some sharpness. I might change it out with parmesan. Concurrently I cook a rasher of bacon and also one Deutsch Family Farms pork sausage. I thaw the bacon and keep it in the refrigerator, but I keep the sausages frozen for freshness and whap one loose by hitting a vulnerable spot with a blunted cleaver driven by a wooden hammer. I make coffee and toast a slice of my current selection of One Love Bread. The One Love bread sometimes takes orange marmalade and sometimes peanut butter.

I have some thoughts for moving on to other items. When I searched the meat section and decided to try the lamb my eye also fell to the chorizo sausage. The morning I cook a portion of chorizo with eggs I will cover the bread with cream cheese, or bake a few tortillas and eat the cream cheese separately. A big slice of papaya would top off this breakfast, if only it were a local food!

I swap up JLF’s breakfasts with Chinese congee. It occurred to me that the fermented vegetables recently added to JLF’s stock would be good in congee. Kimchi would be good. And a cube of non-local fermented tofu would top it off, and that can be found at one of the Asian groceries. I eat a big bowl of congee instead of the breakfast I described above, but a little bowl along with that breakfast as a bread alternative might work.

Congee was invented in Canton where “think about food” is the creed. This creed can be applied both in the East and in the West.