Expansion Update January 2019

Dear Just Local Food owners:

The Board of Just Local Food wants to give all of our owners an update on the expansion project. Obviously, we have not opened a new store on Water Street by fall of 2018. However, we have been working hard since our last update in October and want to share our progress.
We have spent over eight hours in planning sessions over the last month and a half. We have emerged from that work with clarity on several points. We remain committed to an expansion project and have been working hard toward that end. Our new market study, completed at the end of October, presented us with some new options and ideas so we need to do some more work to get the plan right.
One of the things we need to do is hire a General Manager. We continue to work toward finding the right candidate to lead our co-op. With a new General Manager in place, we will be in a position to reimagine and redesign an expansion project. While this process unfolds, 100% of the funds that you have invested in the expansion are being held in trust. In the unlikely event that the expansion does not happen, these funds will be returned to all of you who have invested.
To help develop a clear and compelling business plan, we will be asking you, our owners, to answer customer surveys and/or be part of focus groups so we can understand what our customers want and need. Please keep an eye out for communications regarding these opportunities to share your valuable input.
And, as always, if you have any questions, please let us know by contacting us at board@justlocalfood.com.

Best regards,

Rachel Hart-Brinson

President, Just Local Food Board of Directors