Photo by Marisa Wojcik

Photo by Marisa Wojcik

What you will find at Just Local Food Co-op

  • Food with authenticity and integrity.  Read more about our departments here.
  • Food your grandparents and great grandparents would recognize.  No high fructose corn syrup.  No GMOs.  No ingredients with long names you can’t pronounce.
  • Convenience foods that promote health.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff.
  • A store that meets your needs; healthy, unhealthy, vegan, vegetarian, meat eater, soda drinker, junk food lover.
  • The best prices for organic produce, meat and dairy in town.  Our bi-weekly sales flyer makes it easy to eat delicious local & organic foods on a budget.

In addition to the Seven Cooperative Principles, we operate under the following Guiding Definitions:

  • Accessibility – The right to access fairly priced and nutritious products.
  • Local -When possible, we source products produced in the state of Wisconsin; ideally within 100 miles of Eau Claire. We also give preference to items of superior quality from the Midwest region.
  • Organic – Products that meet the National Organic Standards Board criteria of organic practices.
  • Natural – Products that are minimally processed and free of unnecessary additives.
  • Sustainable – Products produced and packaged in a manner that has minimal negative impact and offers nutritive benefits to the environment, community and consumers that support its production.
  • Humane – Products produced with consideration for kinder and more responsible animal practices.
  • Fair Trade – Commitment to a food system in which farmers, workers, and producers are valued and compensated fairly at each step of the supply chain.

 Wherever you are on your food journey, you are welcome here!