As a full-service grocery store, we offer a variety of local and organic foods and wellness products. Each department is unique and carries a wide variety of products – all at fair prices for the producer and the customer.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer a question or inspire an idea for a delicious meal.

We look forward to seeing you.


Hot Bar Menu

Just Local Food is proud to offer quick, healthy, and delicious options for lunch-time customers. You’ve probably seen our house-made sandwiches, fresh cut fruits and vegetables, and salads. There are a lot of recent additions to our deli menu, and we’re excited for you to try them!

We are offering delicious hot soup starting at 11 every day. We have lots of options to please vegetarians and omnivores alike. If you want to take home a quart of our delicious soup, check out our deli cooler! There you will find many varieties of cold soups that you can take home and heat whenever you’d like. You can even take them home and freeze them for later! To see daily updates on the soups we have available, like us on Facebook!

Also available in Deli:

Humbler Sandwich – Delicious Water Street Deli Spicy Hummus and fresh organic cucumber spilling out of our exclusive One Love Ciabatta roll. This wonderful sandwich will fill you up, but won’t weigh you down. Try this sandwich with a cup of hot soup and a specialty soda for a wholesome lunch. Enjoy!

Pesto Hoagie Sandwich – Elder Valley Kitchen pesto (no pinenuts), Organic Valley shredded Parmesan, Vern’s smoked Provolone and diced organic sweet red pepper smothered between our two slices of our exclusive “One Love” Garlic & Basil Focaccia bread. This hoagie is a wonderful explosion of flavors and surprisingly addicting. A great sandwich for toasting! (Vegetarian)

Sammy Sandwich  – Perfectly smoked Deutsch Family Farm deli ham slices with Vern’s sliced Swiss cheese all piled on top of our exclusive One Love Ciabatta roll and finished with our house blend sauce. This is a sandwich you can sink your teeth into. You can’t get any more classic than this. Enjoy!

Deviled Egg Sandwich – This twist on a classic is sure to please. Egg Salad made with Free Range Eggs, organic sweet red pepper, scallions, parsley and paprika piled high on ‘Positively 3rd St.’ Oatmeal Sesame Bread. Devilishly Delicious! (Vegetarian)

Free-Range Deviled Eggs / Free-Range Hard-Boiled Eggs

Asiago Edamame Red Quinoa Salad / Mexican Kale Salad / Fog City Macaroni Salad


When our Wisconsin seasons allow, we buy everything local we can get our hands on. When that’s not possible, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of organic and fair trade produce from other parts of the world. Our produce team takes the time to know the farmers, the produce, and where it comes from. We buy from a wide array of growers, large and small. We work to ensure that every piece of produce on our shelves is of the highest quality at a fair price.

Want to try something? Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample.  It’s a great way for us to share our favorites and get your feedback.


Our dairy and cheese cases are filled with delicious local, artisanal and unique cheeses and other dairy products provided almost entirely by local and regional dairies. When we started out as a milk delivery service, Crystal Ball Farms was our first supplier.  We’ve grown since that time, but still proudly carry Crystal Ball Farms milk.


One of the appeals of the Bulk department is that you can buy as little or as much as you need of spices, cereals, rice, grains, nuts, healthy snacks, dried fruit, teas, coffee, and more.

For the expert chef or new cook in the kitchen, Bulk is the place to start when experimenting with that new ingredient.

If shopping in the bulk foods section is new to you, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Write the Item Number for each bulk item on a sticker and place it on the bag. 
  • Please use a separate bag for each item (even those that are the same price).
  • If you bring your own empty jars to fill with bulk items, ask whoever is working the register to weigh them first.  We do this so you only pay for the weight of the  product, NOT the container.
  • Change your mind? If you decide not to purchase an item after scooping it, please label it before you leave it.
  • Spills are inevitable and not a problem.  Please let one of our staff know when there’s a spill.


Our Meat/Seafood Department features incredible local, organic, and sustainable choices for every taste and budget. We carry beef, pork, lamb, bison, poultry, fish and seafood.  We have the largest selection of grass fed, chemical free, organic meats in our area; all fairly priced.  Our resident Meathead, ahem, Meat Buyer, Nik, always encourages folks to consider purchasing their meat in bulk: whole, half, quarter or eighth animals, when in season.  Ask Nik about bulk buying and the benefits of “nose-to-tail” eating.


Our Grocery and Frozen sections provide the essentials and feature an excellent selection of organic, local, and specialty items too. We have a wide array of local honey, maple syrup, jams, cooking oil and salad dressings. We also have dozens of hard-to-find items for your pantry such as silken tofu and ghee.
Our frozen section has a great selection of staples, vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal options, as well as gluten free items.


Our bakery department offers a variety of local breads, bagels, and sweet treats including cookies, muffins, and bars. We carry gluten-free breads, too, over in the frozen section.  See our bakery schedule to find out when your favorite breads are delivered.


Just Local Food’s Wellness Department can enhance your well being with herbs, supplements, lotions, shampoos, soaps (many Wisconsin made), and gorgeous lines of skin care.
If you don’t see something you would like on our shelves, we are pleased to be able to special order almost any item for you.


Our Beer Department features a large and ever-changing selection of products. Just Local Food is proud to carry predominantly regional & Wisconsin made craft beer. We’re always happy to help with food pairings or suggestions, whatever the occasion. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask.