Join us as we nurture and grow a lasting business for Eau Claire.

Becoming a co-op Owner means taking a step toward developing a closer relationship with your community and the food you enjoy.  Your dollars directly support farmers and artisans and the products they grow and produce.  We, as a co-op, listen to you about what sorts of products and services you would like to see us provide.  Our Owners make it possible for the co-op to invest in the future of our business so Just Local Food can thrive and grow, supporting our workers and our local producers.

We are committed to obtaining quality, healthy, local (whenever possible) food that is good for you and your family, as well as good to the earth and those who produced it.  Not only do we take these values into account when we source our products, but through our membership in the National Co-op Grocers we are also able to advocate for sound food policies regarding Organic Standards, GMOs, Fair Trade, and equitable treatment of workers.

Have a voice in our future.

The co-op is a democratic organization.  It needs you!  Please consider participating in the following ways:
1) Run for a seat on the board;
2) Vote in elections and on by-law changes;
3) Share your thoughts with us on comment cards.


Ownership has its perks and feels great.

  • Owners enjoy a wider selection of sale items available in our bi-weekly flyer.
  • Owners receive 10% off case orders anytime (for example:  10% off a 5 lb bag of coffee, a case of beer or a quarter hog).
  • Owners can cash checks for up to $20 over their purchase amount.
  • Owners may choose four Owner Discount Days throughout the year and receive 10% off your total purchase.  Simply tell the cashier you’d like to use your Owner Day Discount and we’ll do the rest.
  • Patronage refunds can be earned during profitable years and as declared by our Board of Directors.

Feel good about where you purchase your groceries.

A short application form is required and available at the register.  It is fast and simple to complete, and you can enjoy your benefits immediately.

You’ll feel great about supporting a growing local foods grocery that stewards relationships with farmers and ensures access to local, organic, high quality foods.

Signup Online!

Sign up to be an owner using our easy online sign up and payment form.