Let’s Talk Turkey!


Two years running, Just Local Food Co-op has sold more delicious free-range turkeys than any other small-sized co-op in the United States (and thereby the world…), and we’d like to shatter our previous records.

Currently offering:

Free-range, pharmaceutical-free turkeys from Kadejan Market in Glenwood, Minnesota. $2.39/pound–the best price in town (again)! These birds will range from 8-22 pounds. There are many, many turkeys available…but sign-up soon to make sure you get the size you want. Kadejan (pronounced “Katie-Jan” after the farmer’s two daughters) turkeys will arrive “USDA fresh” (partly frozen so as to prohibit bacterial growth) on Tuesday morning, November 20th.

Deadline for pre-orders: Armistice Day, Sunday, November 11th (11 hours, 11 minutes, 11 seconds)…at which point Nik will purchase another pallet of birds for all you late-bloomers and indecisive-types.

Just want a little bit of turkey at Thanksgiving–not a whole bird? We have bone-in turkey breast, boneless turkey breast, bone-in turkey thighs, and ground turkey, too.


We’re loaded to the gills with smoked ham, lots of lamb, whole chickens, skinless rabbits, beefy roasts, wild fishes, salami, sausage, jowel bacon, etc. et al.

Questions? Stop in, call the store, or e-mail Nik: nik@justlocalfood.com.