“What’s for Dinner?”

“What’s for Dinner?”

We’ve got it covered!

We’re excited to offer “ready-to-go” meal kits with new recipes every Thursday. Stop by the store on Thursday to grab your meal kit and step-by-step recipe.

If you’re feeling a bit “kitchen-shy”, don’t worry. We’ve done the hard work of planning and shopping. Our recipe is easy to follow and guaranteed delicious.

2/21/2017-This week’s feature dinner: Spicy Peanut Shrimp and Noodles

Three Board Seats up for Election!

Do you want to be more involved in the co-op? Would you like to guide Just Local Food into the future? If you would like to help support the cooperative and work with a dedicated group of people who are passionate about food, you may find a board position very rewarding.
Just Local Food Co-op is seeking candidates to fill 3 customer-owner positions on our Board of Directors. The successful candidates will be chosen by a vote from all eligible cooperative owners.
Refer to this packet for information concerning what it means to be a director. The time commitment has been about 10 hours per month, but might fluctuate. In the packet, you will also find 6 questions designed to help the Board of Directors and owners understand your approach to board governance, finances, cooperative principles and community service. Your responses to these questions will become your “candidate statement” and will be shared with voters online and in-store prior to the election.
Board candidates are encouraged to attend a monthly board meeting, this provides a realistic sense of how the board operates so that a candidate can make an informed decision about seeking a position.
The election will be begin on April 27th and close at our Annual Meeting on May 9th (Save the date- all owners are welcome and you can be sure of a good time!). Owners will have the opportunity to vote either at the store or online.
All interested candidates should submit their “candidate statement” and a recent photo of yourself to olivia@justlocalfood.com by Friday, March 31, 2017.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the store at (715) 552-3366 or email Rachel Hart-Brinson, Board President, at board@justlocalfood.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Salad of the Week!

It’s hard to plan meals in advance! We are happy to introduce “The Salad of the Week”.

Look for “The Salad of the Week” recipe posted near the 
front door. As you walk in, grab a recipe card and follow the signs 
throughout the store; gather your ingredients for a simple, delicious 
salad created just for you by our very own Heidi.


Bifröst Farms



Bifröst Farms, in Boyceville, WI, is home to a boarding kennel, a farmstead goat cheese micro-dairy, several rescue Great Danes and a tribe of goats.

Joel and Meg Wittenmyer, raise a herd of Mini-Nubian dairy goats who produce the high-butterfat rich milk for artisan cheese, soaps, lotion, and decadent Cajeta. As on the rest of the farm, they maintain that the natural path is the most efficient and safest way to treat animals. With a strong immune system and healthy diet and supplementation (all derived from natural means, not chemical) when necessary, their goats thrive and in return, provide them with the means to create wonderful goat milk products.  Some of the products Just Local Food carries include:

Chèvre: Some people might say that Chèvre is the penultimate French cheese. Such a simple, basic and deliciously lush food, yet full of subtle tones and tastes. Bifröst Farms Chèvre is made using our own unique blend of cultures to make it their own and yet keep the characteristics that make it a Chèvre.

Salzkäse: literally brine cheese, is a farmstead version of a semi-soft Feta-style cheese. It is a bit creamier, yet still crumbly. And it still has that undeniable and beloved tang you’ll fall in love with on a salad, pasta or even by itself.  A true plowman’s lunch in a jar when you add some crusty, fresh bread!

Cajeta: Bringing a little South of the Border to the North Woods! Cajeta is goat milk caramel sauce, unlike anything you have ever tasted. It has a deep, rustic flavor and the long cooking time gives it a nuttiness that can’t be replicated by a quick and easy recipe. What can you do with Cajeta? For starters, it makes an excellent topping on cheesecake or ice cream, dipping applies, a boost to your morning coffee, and only the limits of your imagination can stop the possibilities from there. The ingredients are simple; goat milk, non-GMO, organic, kosher pure cane sugar, vanilla, a cinnamon stick, and maybe a splash of Bourbon if we’re feeling frisky.  Cajeta is a seasonal product, so look for it as the leaves start to change color each year and stock up, because we guarantee it will go fast. Cajeta is packaged in small, glass jars, unlike our other cheese products, but  it is still sustainable.

To find out more about this lovely farm, click here:












Supplier profile and photo credit: Biforst Farms’ website

New Just Local Food Apparel!

We’ve been working hard on our new t-shirt design, in collaboration with a local print shop. We’ve got plenty of t-shirts, available in navy blue and oatmeal colors. Also available are Navy Blue Sweatshirts with the same badge logo. Stop in the store to grab one for yourself and your friends! Sweatshirts are in very limited quantities. See you soon!