Square Roots Farm – Fall Creek, WI

square roots

Jake Lau and Briana Odegard share a passion not only for growing delicious vegetables, but for tending the health of our environment and community.  The rising dissent with our over-industrialized food system continues to swell each year.  More data now reflect what we all know in our hearts to be true; namely, that large-scale, mono-cropped, hyper-chemically dependent agriculture is not the best path to feeding ourselves sustainably, and arguably, is one that causes serious harm to our personal and planetary health.

Briana and Jake reflect a new wave of young farmers who are dedicated to promoting a sustainable way of feeding ourselves – one that tends the health of the land, the people, and the larger community.  They take to heart the knowledge that small-scale agriculture–devoted to promoting biodiversity, soil health, and reduced need for synthetic chemicals–can truly feed the world and heal our planet.

The methods Square Roots Farm utilizes: cover cropping, crop rotation, heavy use of compost, and companion planting, work together to create overall healthier crops with higher yields.  These practices do something even more important than producing beautiful plants and delicious vegetables.  Organic practices maintain the health of the soil.  Any farmer knows that soil health is the foundation that will support years of healthy yields and, ultimately, their livelihood.

Go to any grocery store these days and you’ll see “Local” promoted everywhere.  Why is it so important to purchase from small, local, organic (or organic practicing) farmers?  Both Jake and Briana echo, “In every way imaginable.  If you are concerned about water quality, support local.  If you are concerned about soil health, support local.  If you are concerned about biodiversity, support local.  If you are concerned about farm workers, fair wages, and safe working conditions, support local.  Your food dollars stay in our community, building not only a robust local economy, but a healthy community.”

Square Roots Farm is slowly converting their acreage to organic practices.  They are growing a robust assortment of beautiful vegetables, from corn to greens to melons (and everything in between).  Just Local Food is proud to offer a large assortment of their delicious vegetables at the peak of freshness.  Square Roots also offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share–with shares still available for this season!  Learn more about Jake and Briana at www.squarerootsfarm.com.