Heidi loves Tatsoi

Our Produce Manager, Heidi, can’t get enough Tatsoi.

This beautiful asian green has a similar texture and flavor to bok choy but offers delightful small leaves with great presence! A dark green Asian salad green that has a spoon like shape, a pleasant and sweet aroma flavor tlike a mild mustard flavor, similar to bok choi. Tatsoi is generally eaten raw, but may be added to soups at the end of the cooking period. When tatsoi is mixed with other greens it enhances the flavor and nutritional value.

Season: available year-round

How to select: The leaves should be green and free of bruises, holes, cuts and yellowing. Leaves should be fresh with no wilting.

How to store: Should be stored in the fridge in a temperature range between 32-75 F. Tatsoi is very perishable and has a short storage life.