Nurturing Community, One Person at a Time

Just Local Food is a full service, community owned, cooperative grocery store.  We believe in nurturing deep relationships with local farmers, vendors, customer owners, and the community at large.  We sell foods and home products that help you live the healthiest life you can, while considering ethical treatment of workers and environmental impact of those products.

We believe your food choices matter.  Where you choose to spend your food dollars makes a difference.  By supporting local farmers, local food producers, and a community owned grocery store, you keep dollars circulating in Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley.  You ensure local farmers are receiving fair prices for their goods.  You are helping to create a healthy, thriving community.

Food Cooperatives, including Just Local Food, are governed by the Seven Cooperative Principles, and have been at the forefront of providing people with healthy, locally sourced food and education for decades.

We are proud to be members of a larger cooperative of food cooperatives from around the country, the National Co-op Grocers (NCG for short).

NCG is a purchasing cooperative that provides invaluable services to food cooperatives around the country.  In addition to securing services and offering support, NCG is able to advocate for larger issues on behalf of food cooperatives, namely, GMOs, sound food policies, and organic standards.  NCG also created the resource rich Stronger Together brand and website to further educate and promote the cooperative model.

Food Co-ops: Local before Local was cool.