Our Board Members are Owners like you!  Your board ensures that the co-op’s Ends and operations support a vital co-op, addresses the needs and visions of our Customer-Owners, and ensures the co-op remains a vital part of the broader community for generations to come.

Just Local Food Co-op is seeking candidates to fill 3 customer-owner positions on our Board of Directors

Do you want to be more involved in the co-op? Would you like to guide Just Local Food into the future? If you would like to help support the cooperative and work with a dedicated group of people who are passionate about food, you may find a board position very rewarding.
Just Local Food Co-op is seeking candidates to fill 3 customer-owner positions on our Board of Directors. The successful candidates will be chosen by a vote from all eligible cooperative owners.
Refer to this packet for information concerning what it means to be a director. The time commitment has been about 10 hours per month, but might fluctuate. In the packet, you will also find 6 questions designed to help the Board of Directors and owners understand your approach to board governance, finances, cooperative principles and community service. Your responses to these questions will become your “candidate statement” and will be shared with voters online and in-store prior to the election.
Board candidates are encouraged to attend a monthly board meeting, this provides a realistic sense of how the board operates so that a candidate can make an informed decision about seeking a position.
The election will be begin on April 27th and close at our Annual Meeting on May 9th (Save the date- all owners are welcome and you can be sure of a good time!). Owners will have the opportunity to vote either at the store or online.
All interested candidates should submit their “candidate statement” and a recent photo of yourself to olivia@justlocalfood.com by Friday, March 31, 2017.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the store at (715) 552-3366 or email Rachel Hart-Brinson, Board President, at board@justlocalfood.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of 12 times per year.  Regular Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.  Board meetings will be held at VolumeOne Workspace, 205 N Dewey St, Eau Claire.

Board meeting agendas are posted in the store on the “Board Board” (next to the beer cooler) at least five days before the meeting, and meeting agendas and minutes are available online (links below) and in a binder at the front counter at the store.

Access previous and upcoming board agendas and minutes to learn about what our board is doing right now:  March 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

Questions for the board?  Email board@justlocalfood.com.


2016 Board Members

Rachel Hart-Brinson, President

Rachel is a conservation biologist by training who grew up on 27 acres in southwestern Wisconsin where she learned the rhythms of the seasons through food harvesting and processing with her parents–maple syrup in the spring, morels, strawberries, raspberries, garden produce to can/freeze, apple cider from apples scavenged in the neighbor’s pastures in the fall, butcher chickens, send lambs to market, then hunker down and eat all the food from the freezer and pantry during the winter.  She didn’t think much of it, or the connection to the land this kind of local eating fostered when she was young, but after a stint in the Peace Corps in Honduras and a year teaching environmental education in North Carolina, Wisconsin called to her.

She’s happy to be back “home” where she can identify the seasons by what’s harvested in the garden or scavenged in the woods.  She believes local economies that pay producers a fair price for their product are the healthiest models of production–for the land, for the people, and for the community.  She believes in Just Local Food for this reason and wants to see the co-op grow to provide more producers access to a consistent market and the community a gathering space, prepared hot and cold food, and access to the best food in Eau Claire at prices fair for both the producer and the customer.


Terry Meyer, Owner Engagement Chair

I have long been an advocate for cooperatives of member and worker owned businesses driving the community and the economy. Because of this, I see Just Local Food as having a unique position in its ultimate ability to cooperate and share with other co-ops in an expanded network of not only food related groups, but other products and services as well that benefit people (members, workers, communities).

I served as the vice president of the Wisconsin Education Association for 6 years, and several more years as the president of my local and regional union.  My highest priority as a union leader and community organizer throughout my life has been to work for the “common good” so that we all have access to the fruits of our shared experiences and resources.

The JLF mission statement is a visionary reflection of how I feel: Justly produced and distributed, sourced locally first, energy for enjoying and sustaining life and worker owned, community supported.


Kim Schmidt

A strong food co-op benefits the members and the community it serves in so many important ways.  From providing trust-worthy organic and local foods to education and advocacy on critical food and environmental reforms, a food co-op can be at the forefront of creating and supporting livable communities.  Since moving to Eau Claire from Winona, Minnesota in September of 2013, I’ve been impressed by thoughtful and progressive community members willing to invest in a vibrant downtown, by plentiful and successful farmers’ markets and, a community culture focused on health and wellness.

My vision for Just Local Food Co-op includes a vibrant, socially responsible, community focused business providing trust-worthy natural, organic foods and quality locally-grown and produced products with excellent customer service and opportunities for community members to learn more about food, nutrition and health.  Steady growth and engagement of member-owners, a deli with choices of various hot and refrigerated nutritious food choices, more bulk-food purchasing options and room for classes and group discussions also top my vision for Just Local Food Co-op’s successful future.

fredFred Sklenar 

Bio coming soon.



JimJim Deutsch

Jim Deutsch owns Deutsch Family Farm (one of our local meat suppliers), has lived in the Chippewa Valley for 7 years, and has been raising hogs for 10 years.  His goal is to help Just Local Food Co-op to grow and thrive in a sustainable manner.

“As a small business owner I have a good understanding of the dedication and work it takes to start, grow and maintain a business here in the Chippewa Valley. I also understand local food and the importance of working with customers and caring about their needs.”

Jim has worked on public policy organizing with The Land Stewardship Project and in the Osseo Commercial Club.  Jim is married, has children, and is a pack leader with the Osseo Cub Scouts.  His vision for Just Local Food is to support and expand the mission of our local farmers and producers, grow the co-op’s membership, and help create a stronger community.



How does Just Local’s Board govern?

Just Local Food’s Board of Directors uses a governance system called Policy Governance.

This governance style concentrates our Board on vision while also creating accountability for the operations of the co-op. The Board is responsible for voicing the co-op’s Ends, and then it makes sure Just Local’s Collective Management (Coordinating Team) upholds these Ends in its daily operations as well as through its far-reaching projects. The Board also creates and monitors policy to assure the co-op is operating in a way that’s legally and fiscally responsible and upholds the values of the co-op by treating Customer-Owners and staff well.

If you’d like to know more about how the Board governs, please contact our board via email.

Just Local Food Restated Bylaws_2015_Final

Just Local Food Final Articles of Incorporation 2015