jenJen Hebert, Produce Manager

Jen is from Chippewa Falls.  In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new destinations, gardening, hiking, working on craft projects, dancing, and spending time with friends and family.  She enjoys working at the Co-op, and getting to know the diverse clientele.



Karin Kircher, HABA, Bakery, and DSC_0264Coffee Buyer

Born and raised in Eau Claire, Karin studied dietetics at UW-Stout.  She believes in small businesses and co-ops and has supported Just Local Food since its humble beginnings.  When Karin is not at the store, you can probably find her at an auction or estate sale.




elijahElijah Koller, Marketing Assistant & Produce Keeper

Elijah is from Eau Claire, loves traveling, meeting new people and trying new foods. Likes to talk cars, coffee, and cooking.




Nik Novak, Meat Buyer

Aside from his duties as Store Keeper, Animal Parts Buyer, and Generalist Co-op Grunt, Nik is a teacher, a stonemason, a Serb, a writer-of-letters, an avid canoeist, and a curmudgeon of socialistic repute.  Also, he really likes meat.




Krister Paakkonen, Deli Assistant
Since relocating to Eau Claire in 2013, Krister has been known for baking and vending Finnish pierogies at the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market, as well as for stores such as Just Local Food. He was born and raised in Sweden and has Finnish ancestry – both influencing his food and drink preferences.




Cindy Schlosser, Merchandising

Cindy has been active in co-ops for a long time as she loves to cook, bake, and eat vegetarian food.  She enjoys finding local and regional products for Just Local Food to carry.  She visits co-ops whenever she travels because she believes co-op communities are made up of the best people on the planet.



Heidi_2Heidi Sanders, Deli Manager

A native Eau Claire gal, Heidi studied Restaurant Management at UW-Stout and Horticulture at C.V.T.C.  Heidi is a strong believer in supporting small businesses and local farmers.  She loves to share her knowledge of growing, preparing and storing food, so feel free to pick her brain.  Heidi’s love of good food and passion for playing in the soil landed her at the doorstep of Just Local Food, and she knew she was home!



laura sommerLaura Sommer, Store Keeper and Sampler of Delicious Food

When Laura isn’t working her day-job, creating delicious foods at home, or playing bass in The Flaming Doublewides (come see us!), Laura (affectionately known as “The Sample Queen”), comes off the bench to provide a variety of utility-woman tasks for this here little co-op. She loves to talk food and how to have fun cooking wonderful food for yourself, your friends, and your family.



Katharine Thomas, Store Keeper

Katharine comes from La Crosse, where People’s Food Co-op taught her the meaning of love. Probably a giant panda in a past lifetime, vegetables and fruit excite her. She distributes the remainder of her capacity to love among public radio and her cats.

Terry Meinen, Grocery Stocker/Receiver

Terry is just a local guy who dabbles in community theater, fantasy football, and the local metaphysical scene. Oh, and ask him about his grandkids.

Amber Torpen, Store Keeper

Amber is passionate about food, preventative health, and fitness.  In her free time, she loves going to the farmer’s market, hiking, canoeing, and watching live music.



staff5-6-16Mark Wirz, Finance Manager

A relatively new transplant into the co-op and natural foods worlds, Mark brings us the gift of financial acumen. We aren’t sure where he comes from, exactly, but he does a bang-up job with our numbers and keeps all of us on course.



DSC_0152Jordan Wolfe, Merchandising Manager

One of the original founders of Just Local Food Co-op, Jordan has worked through and witnessed every stage of the co-op’s evolution. Jordan is passionate about good food and good eating. His steady style and developed palette are the back bone of the store’s wide array of delicious and high quality foods.