Vern’s Cheese – Chilton, WI


Vern and Edith Knoespel founded Vern’s Cheese in 1964, just over 50 years ago.  Soon after starting a wholesale business out of their home, they purchased a warehouse in Chilton, from which they drove to deliver products to customers.  The business grew steadily over the years until the opening of their current retail store in 2010.  Now Vern and Edith work alongside their children, sons-in-law, grandchildren, and other employees.

Today, Vern’s sells over 100 varieties of cheese to stores and restaurants throughout the Midwest as well as a wide selection of specialty foods and gift items at their Chilton store.  They are best known for their many delicious cheeses and for treating their customers like family!

Check out their website for more info, cheese varieties and ordering online, and recipes.